This collection contains a large variety of designs and sizes which can be combined perfectly.


The range of vases, planters, bowls and pedestals has been composed with an eye for detail, functionality, quality and creativity.

We are only beginning to understand the impact indoor air quality has on our mental health and work performance, but so far, the introduction of indoor plants to improve indoor air and reduce pollution points to positive outcomes.

It’s true when we say plants make people happy. Try to get some happy plants in your enviroment by giving them a bottom in our products.

– Robert Alberts CEO Plantinum

Striving for a Sustainable World

Maximal in circularity, minimal in CO2 footprint

Colourful is the Netherlands’ first circular collection of ‘green furniture’, with vases, planters, bowls and columns. The products are 100% recyclable, with a very limited CO2 footprint due to production and re-use under controlled conditions at a short distance from the Netherlands – close to home, i.e. with minimal fuel consumption and low emissions.

A Plantinum innovation that allows your organisation to contribute to a maximum of minimal environmental impact.

New in our product range

Modern Round Stand

One of the extensions in our Colorful collection is the Modern Round stand in several dimensions and available in two colors: Matt Black and White. You can combine these stands with the Multivorm Round.

View Modern Stand Round

New in our product range

Bosco Wall Planter

Our Bosco collection has been expanded with a wall planter. Wall Planter is available in two finishes: Cemani and Merah Bark. Available sizes are 28×35 (small) and 36×55 (large).

View the Wall Planter

New in our product range

Rectangular Stand 120x40x66 en 120x40x41

The Colourful Collection has been expanded with a new Rectangular Stand in two sizes: 120x40x66cm and 120x40x41cn. These are available in Industrial and Matt Black. The planter that fits on the stand is Prestige Rectangular (Stackable) 120x40x37.

View the Rectangular Stand

Our materials

Polystyrol is used as the raw material for our Colorful collection. Our Natural collection uses finishes such as silver leaf, bark, wood, coconut, metal species, sand shells, eggshells, etc.

Silver leaf

The individual sheets of silver leaf are laid one by one on a plastic base, held together with an adhesive layer. The silver leaf is then covered with a transparent lacquer (coloured also available). Finally, the product is polished with bee wax to a high-gloss finish using high quality cotton.


Our Colorful collection uses recycled polystyrene (PS) as a raw material. This plastic has the nice feature that it can be completely recycled; our supplier uses the recovered raw material for new products.

Cemani (Teak)

Cemani is the outer wooden layer of a teak tree. These teak trees come from Indonesian plantations for the production of teak wood. The wood used for the Cemani collection is too soft to be used in the furniture industry but has proven to be perfect for the finishing of vases and bowls.

Lava (Stonecast)

This material is inspired by solidified lava. The raw material for this series consists of a mix of natural materials such as sand, gravel and stone, to which water is added and poured into a mould with the desired shape. After the object has hardened, it is further perfected and coloured.

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