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Colourful – maximal in circularity, minimal in CO2 footprint

Colourful is the first Dutch circular collection of ‘green furniture’, with vases, planters, bowls and columns. The products are 100% recyclable, with a very limited CO2 footprint due to production and reuse under controlled conditions at a short distance from the Netherlands – close to home, i.e. with minimal fuel consumption and low emissions. The colourful collection is a Plantinum innovation that allows your organisation to make a maximum contribution to minimising your green furniture’s environmental impact.

Why circular products?

You may recognise it in your own organisation: you want to make your contribution to minimising the impact of products on the environment while helping to achieve climate goals. Many organisations have a policy in this area, for example to separate waste as much as possible and to allow employees to drive electrically.

Thinking along the same lines: modern organisations want their office building to have a minimal impact on the environment. Existing offices are being adapted to obtain a favourable energy label – new offices are being designed in accordance with the highest BREEAM sustainability requirements.

Now: circular ‘green furniture’

For existing and new office situations, you can now also make your ‘green furniture’ as circular as possible. With Plantinum’s Colourful line you choose for the only circular collection of vases, planters, bowls and columns in the market. The collection is 100% recyclable and has a very limited CO2 footprint due to production and reuse under controlled conditions close to the Netherlands. Conclusion: through the use of Colourful products, you are making a maximum contribution to the circular economy, even in office environments. Starting small: with the office green!

What are the facts?

Colourful products are.

  • fully circular
  • made of 100% recyclable plastic
  • ready for re-use after the end of its life cycle.

A fully documented and traceable production process

The production of the Colourful line takes place in Germany, where we work according to EU environmental and labour guidelines – with reasonable working hours and fair wages. The production processes are extensively documented – on your request you will receive information about the materials used and the production process.

Environmentally-responsible painting

In the manufacturing process, environmentally friendly water-based paints without lead are almost exclusively used. The production process complies with the latest European requirements, whereby people and the environment are protected to a maximum extent.

Recycled and recyclable

The products from the Colourful line are made of the excellent recoverable raw material polystyrene (PS).

The vases, planters, bowls and columns of the Colourful line go back to the factory after use, either in their current form to be prepared for a second life, or completely reused in new products.

For products that Plantinum takes back for recycling, there are two options:

  • In the first, products are taken back and prepared at the request of customers and then repainted (often in a new colour), which allows reuse within the same customer organization. A second life, without loss of raw materials and without significant energy consumption!
  • In the other option, the products are first grounded (shredded), after which the raw material in the form of plastic granulate is returned to the manufacturer.

Minimum distances: less impact on the environment

With its production site in Germany, Plantinum has made a very conscious choice, with great advantages for the environment.

  • A location at a short distance from the Netherlands provides maximum certainty about the controllability of the production processes. The factory in Germany is always open to inspection of the processes, a special circumstance that would be difficult to achieve with production in a country such as China; there is no watertight guarantee that harmful raw materials or environmentally unfriendly or lead-containing paints have been applied.
  • The short proximity to the Netherlands also offers a lower CO2 footprint for transport. The delivery of new products and the return of used and discarded Colourful products requires, due to the short distance, only a very limited number of lorry kilometres. A conscious choice from which environment benefits!

Fair display

On this document you will find the world-famous recycling logo. We deliberately use this logo to indicate that this document is a transparent and fair representation of the facts about the CO2 footprint of the production process, the substances used and the recycling of the Colourful products. We guarantee that the facts are presented correctly.

Plantinum, the wholesaler/distributor of the Colourful line, guarantees the accuracy of the information in this statement.

Robert Alberts
General Manager Plantinum

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